Building Value (Added Services)

Value-Added Services

Anything They Can Do, We Can Do Better

If it has power going to it, or through it, we can handle it. Over the past three decades, our customers have gladly delegated some of their more important, but time consuming, tasks to our Value Add team.

Test For Success

The only thing better than an outstanding quality escape rate is the complete removal of quality escapes. With full functional testing capabilities, we test every build to ensure it's working before we put it in your hands. In fact, we believe in our testing capabilities so much that we offer up to 30 seconds per board of testing at our own cost! And, if a board fails, even if the manufacturing looks perfect, we won’t charge you a dime – because you only pay for promises we deliver.

From simple plug-in tests to full boot and operation, we relish the opportunity to test every board that leaves our facility. If you provide us with instructions whether written, video recorded, or sung, we can interpret them to make a highly efficient, highly effective test that will guarantee you get a working product on the first try. Don’t believe it? Test us out!

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Get With The Program

Whether it’s your board, a single component, or instructions for our technicians, we can program them for your success. With a wide range of programming services, we only need programming files, instructions for board level programming, and a thumbs up from you. From there, we ensure your boards are programmed and functioning to spec when they leave our facility. Depending on your application, we may be able to save you time and money when compared to your current process. Let us stress about the how, you just let us know the what.

Start With A Strong Finish

At NAS, we offer end-to-end solutions from procurement to packaging.

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We’ve Got You Covered

The last thing your board needs is to be damaged or affected by the environment it functions in, so we understand the need for conformal coating and have been providing this service for over twenty years. Our expert technicians can apply a wide range of conformal coating compounds, from silicone and polyurethane to acrylics, without the heavy-handed costs application shops typically charge. With conformal cost among the lowest in the market, we ensure our coatings as part of our standard manufacturing warranty, and will always check with you to ensure everything meets your spec.

Not sure if conformal is right for you? Our expert engineers can look at your build and, with a few questions, let you know what type of reliability increases you will, or won't, see in the field. With PCB coatings helping environmental performance, as well as acting as insulation and preventing dendritic growth, these conformal coatings can certainly increase a product’s lifespan. We perform a full analysis to recommend the proper coating for your specific concern, because we never want to charge you for something you don’t need.

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Don’t Leave Your IP UP (UnProtected)

Cleaning part numbers and applying black conformal keeps those part numbers and names away from prying eyes. While software is always your best protection from IP (Intellectual Property) theft, cleaning IC part numbers or completely covering your board with opaque material can force potential ne’er-do-wells to take the long way. If that isn’t enough protection, we offer potting to completely encapsulate your assembly and protect your IP from curious competitors. Don’t let REDACTED steal your hard work.


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t find that stock product that suits your needs and comes at a reasonable cost. Whether it’s customizing power supplies and fans or re-packing a product for your assembly team or end customer, we can customize any non-custom item. Our team of technicians know how to re-terminate, re-work, or re-package your product better than the rest, and they can do it at a hyper competitive rate.

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Packed and Pretty

Consumer packaging is often an expensive, and unnecessary, added cost to OEMs. When you have a team that can do it all for you, why waste staff time and money taking a product out of one box to put it in a prettier one? As a complete end-to-end solution provider, let us handle the consumer packaging. The best part? We can stock your finished item – completely tested and packed for your consumer. Then, when you’re ready to ship, we blind ship to your customer so the product comes from you (without you needing to invest in inventory space!).