More Than A (Family) Business

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Our Story

NAS Electronics, one of the most reliable manufacturing companies in the United States, started as a customer service experiment gone right. In the early 1990s, the NAS founders were running a successful distribution company in Southern California when a long-time customer approached them with an issue: she needed help finding an assembly partner that had the same consistency, transparency, and enthusiasm as NAS.

Dedicated to providing stellar service and never prone to shy away from a challenge, the founders of NAS created an assembly facility and in the process found many companies and entrepreneurs in need of a reliable and honest assembly partner. The rest, as they say, is history. From telecommunications builds to complex aerospace projects, NAS has produced forward-looking, iconic products and solutions, used by millions of Americans every day.

The Dream Team

Quite a few things have changed since 1990, but at NAS one thing has always remained the same: our commitment to you.

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We’ve built a team that does amazing work and has a fun time doing it, and we’re always looking to grow and expand our NAS family. Think you have what it takes to manufacture some of the world’s most iconic products? Check out our open positions and apply!